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430 E Kirkwood Ave
Bloomington, IN, 47408


Hand crafted, small-batch, artisanal gelato




Mami’s super creamy dairy-free and vegan coconut cream gelato is now available in pints! Look for these six fantastic flavors (more coming soon!) in a grocery store near you:

  • Mint Dark Chocolate
  • Coconut Lemongrass
  • Cookie Butter
  • Strawberry d’Italia
  • Cookies 'n' Coco Cream
  • Coconut Vanilla

Naomi Posner aka "Mami" |  photo by Amy Fender

Naomi Posner aka "Mami" |  photo by Amy Fender

mami's story

Mami loves gelato. Mami doesn't eat dairy. That's why she set out to create the world's best vegan gelato. Try all of our flavors, and you'll agree— Mami's is refreshingly good!