This is the tale of a typical American girl whose dad shared his love for ice cream with her and her sister. It was an almost-weekly treat for him to take them to the local scoop shop. As she grew, she discovered a passion for travel and couldn’t wait to grow and explore the world. Somewhere along the way, this little girl’s passion for adventure transformed into a desire to provide people glee through frozen goodies. After much scientific research—oh and a trip or two to Asia to source some coconuts—the original concoction was revamped into a wildly simple vegan mix (just add water!) that I’m proud to say has disrupted the ice cream industry.

Hi, I’m Naomi! This is my story, and the journey that led me to creating Mami’s Gelato. I have a passion for dairy-free perfection, and I choose to travel far and wide in search of the world’s best plant-based ingredients. I have taken countless trips, and spent infinite hours honing my recipes on test batches for one simple reason. You. Is your goal to put smiles on the faces of your dairy-free customers? Me too. Here’s how I can help—and here’s why I want to.

I hope my tale inspires you to take risks, connects you to the beauty of doing what you love, and makes you hungry for something sweet!

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