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For batch freezers, soft serve machines, custard machines, rolled ice cream, liquid nitrogen pops.

Froconut® is a plant-based frozen dessert mix that is made from real whole coconuts. It is best described as “refreshing”. There is no unpleasant aftertaste, nor is it gummy or otherwise weirdly textured. All Froconut® mixes can serve as a replacements for dairy ice cream bases. Simply add water to Froconut® dry powder mixes, flavor (optional), freeze and serve. Froconut® is an easy to use solution and features:

  • Three flavor options: Original Coconut, Creamy Chocolate, and Matcha Green Tea

  • Pre-measured pouches. Just add water. No weighing or measuring necessary.

  • Although Froconut® has a pronounced coconut taste, many have discovered that it is actually the most versatile mix because coconut works with a variety of flavors from mint, to lemon, to chocolate, coffee, raspberry, etc. For those wanting to start with a more neutral base, please try Oatrageous™ instead.

  • Froconut® is Mami’s Gelato first and most popular mix. It is what launched Mami’s Gelato into the ice cream world and continues to be the standard by which other brands and mixes are measured. 

All of our products may be manufactured in facilities that also process tree nuts, soy, coconut and dairy.