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For batch freezers, soft serve machines, custard machines, rolled ice cream, liquid nitrogen pops.

Oatrageous™ is a non-dairy, vegan ice cream mix that is made from oats. It is lite and refreshing, and can serve as a replacement for dairy bases. Simply add warm water to Oatrageous™ dry powder mixes, flavor (optional), freeze and serve. Oatrageous™ is shelf-stable, easy to use, and comes in pre-measured pouches that yield 2 gallons of liquid mix. 

Although oats do not naturally contain gluten, they can easily be cross-contaminated; hence if your customers have an allergy to gluten such as celiac disease, we cannot guarantee that Oatrageous™ is gluten-free. Additionally, oats naturally contain a protein that a person with celiacs disease should not consume. 



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