Hear what others say about Mami's Gelato!


BRICS has been proudly serving Mami’s Gelato for over 6 months and we have received rave reviews from our dairy-free guests! Our guests & our staff love the selection because Mami’s offers flavors that they never thought they’d get to enjoy! Our community is especially in-love with the Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry. We are so grateful to be able to serve our progressive community with these rich & flavorful vegan gelato, as well as work with a company that takes recycling as seriously as we do!

Ashley Greeley, Manager at BRICS Manager at BRICS (Broad Ripple Ice Cream Company)

This is going to be, without question, the largest new innovation in ice cream and frozen desserts that I've seen in my lifetime.

Steve Thompson Owner of Emery Thompson, http://www.emerythompson.com/

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the new soft serve. It was delivered Friday afternoon and was a huge hit over the busy holiday weekend . . . It’s just refreshing to do business with a company that wants the best for your business. Just thought I would let you know!

Megan Moeller Owner of The Woohoo, https://thewoohoo.com/

I really enjoy working with Mami's bases and there's a variety to create with! I find the vegan gelato bases are excellent and they get very creamy with a good structure. Vegan/non-dairy people and non-vegans go crazy for our vegan gelatos and sorbets!

Sahar Pastel-Daneshgar Gelato Chef at King Dough, http://www.kingdoughpizzas.com/

I recently had a customer try the product—she said it blows the vegan options in other stores out of the water!

Steve Grenier Owner of Lagos Ice Cream, https://www.lagosicecream.com/

We love this product. It doesn't matter how you spin it. Mami's product rocks. Thank you for helping operators meet the dairy free needs of their customers.

Chino Co-owner of Slices Concessions, https://slicesconcession.com/

We’ve been playing around with several vegan ice cream options since we’ve opened. While most have been pretty good, we’ve never quite achieved what we were looking for. But then along came this product from Froconut. It achieves a soft, smooth, scoopable vegan ice cream & we are very happy with the results. The first round is a milk chocolate, but look for many more flavors to come soon. We won’t be able to replicate all of our classic flavors, but we are trying. Now, if you can’t have dairy or eggs you can still enjoy one of the best tasting ice creams around.

Jess Milbourn Owner of Devil May Care Ice Cream & Frozen Treats, http://www.devilmaycareicecream.com/

I had a guy come in this morning and I told him we are doing dairy free. He said he's all about dairy. I asked him to try the Strawberry and give me an honest opinion. He loved it so much he bought 3 scoops.

Phillip McInnes Owner of Island Ice Factory, https://www.facebook.com/IslandIceFactory/