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For batch freezers, soft serve machines, custard machines, rolled ice cream, liquid nitrogen pops.

Almondice™ is plant-based frozen dessert mix that is made from whole roasted almonds. Unlike most almond milks and ice creams on the market that dilute the flavor of almond to almost nothing, Almondice™ is for true almond lovers. It may be surprisingly bold, but this is what your customers will love. This boldness does not take away from the refreshing quality that defines our mixes. Almondice™ can serve as a replacement for dairy bases. Simply add  water to Almondice™ dry powder mixes, flavor (optional), freeze and serve. Almondice™ is shelf-stable, easy to use, and comes in pre-measured pouches that yield 2 gallons of liquid mix.

All of our products may be manufactured in facilities that also process tree nuts, soy, coconut and dairy.


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