Custom Mixes


If you can answer YES to any of these questions, a custom mix might be the solution you need:

Have you created your own proprietary recipes that you want to keep? Is your vegan ice cream production process complicated and costly? 
Do you source multiple ingredients only for your dairy-free recipes? Do you have difficulties training employees to make your dairy-free options?
Is your growth hindered due to difficulties scaling up your vegan ice cream production? Do you foresee ordering more than 20,000 lbs of dairy-free mix per year?
Are you a large chain, manufacturer or distributor that wants to have a proprietary mix associated with its brand? Do you want to use different nuts or ingredients for your mix? Almond, cashew, etc are options.


We are here to help.

Mami’s custom mixes will allow you to continue using your own formula. We will design a mix that exactly mimics your current formula. Or we can design a formula just for you!

Mami’s custom mixes will eliminate production difficulties and allow you to scale up easily and quickly without compromising the quality you’ve worked hard to maintain. 

Mami’s custom mixes will allow you to pre-order for the entire year knowing that your mix will be available when and where you need it.

Mami’s custom mixes (private label) will allow you to brand and market your own dairy-free mix.

Mami’s custom mixes will allow you to use other nuts as base ingredients.