Basic Froconut Recipes

Basic Froconut Recipes

Feb 8th 2019

The recipes below are for one bag of Froconut®. They yield 8 quarts of liquid mix—you can scale as needed.

Measurements for various batch sizes (from 1 quart to 6 gallons)

For additional recipes, contact Green Mountain Flavors. They have developed 20+ flavors using their all-natural flavor concentrates with Froconut® mixes. For a list of available recipes, please contact Green Mountain Flavors at or(630) 554-9530.

Do you have any questions before you make your first batch? Feel free to call me anytime. My number is 812.322.9081.

Equipment Needed:

Quick tips:

  • The mix will dissolve most easily in warm water, approx 110 degrees F.
  • Extract the product once it is holding its shape ("peaking").
  • For best texture and scoopability, serve the product at 5-10 degrees F in your dipping cabinet.

Prepare 2 gallons of mix according to instructions, then add following ingredients:

  • Tahitian Vanilla: Add 4 fl oz of double fold Tahitian vanilla extract.
  • Coffee: Add 1.5 cup of instant coffee (adjust to desired strength, using either regular of decaf coffee)
  • Cookie Butter: 540 grams (20 ounces) cookie butter from jar, 2 ounces 2x vanilla extract, 8 grams cinnamon