Basic Froconut Recipes

Basic Froconut Recipes

Posted by Naomi Posner-Horie on Feb 8th 2019

The recipes below are for one bag of Froconut®. They yield 8 quarts of liquid mix—you can scale as needed.

Measurements for various batch sizes (from 1 quart to 6 gallons)

For additional recipes, contact Green Mountain Flavors. They have developed 20+ flavors using their all-natural flavor concentrates with Froconut® mixes. For a list of available recipes, please contact Green Mountain Flavors at or(630) 554-9530.

Do you have any questions before you make your first batch? Feel free to call us anytime. Our number is (844) 696-2647.

Equipment Needed:

Quick tips:

  • The mix will dissolve most easily in warm water, approx 110 degrees F.
  • Extract the product once it is holding its shape ("peaking").
  • For best texture and scoopability, serve the product at 5-10 degrees F in your dipping cabinet.

Prepare 2 gallons of mix according to instructions, then add following ingredients:

  • Tahitian Vanilla: Add 4 fl oz of double fold Tahitian vanilla extract.
  • Coffee: Add 1.5 cup of instant coffee (adjust to desired strength, using either regular of decaf coffee)
  • Cookie Butter: 540 grams (20 ounces) cookie butter from jar, 2 ounces 2x vanilla extract, 8 grams cinnamon

Also, here's the general formula for fruit flavors: basically, with any fruit flavor what you need to do is replace some of the water in the recipe (up to one third, by weight) with fruit puree, frozen fruit juice, or frozen fruit. Then you can add flavor/color concentrates as desired. The most important thing is that you end up with 2 gallons of liquid, total (per bag).

For instance: if you want to use a strawberry puree (or frozen strawberries) to make 2 gallons of mix:

Strawberries: 820 grams

Froconut, Original Coconut: one bag (2 gallons liquid yield)

Step 1: Fill container with 1 gallon of WARM water, then whisk/blend with entire bag of powder mix.

Step 2: Add strawberries and whisk/blend.

Step 3: Fill with cold water up to 2 gallon mark, then whisk/blend until all ingredients are uniformly dispersed.

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