Boomers & Zoomers: A Match Made In Frozen Dessert

Boomers & Zoomers: A Match Made In Frozen Dessert

Posted by Phanor Komoda on Mar 31st 2023

While thinking about how to market your plant-based options, you may want to focus on two generations that surprisingly complement each other: Baby boomers or “Boomers” and the younger Gen Z or “Zoomers”. Some may see these two generations as being very different with no commonalities, but let’s take another look.

Despite the perceived differences, Boomers and Zoomers actually often share tastes in frozen desserts. Boomers and Zoomers tend to prefer eating plant-based food over a more traditional diet, albeit for different reasons. Zoomers are famously more conscientious about animal cruelty and how their actions impact the environment, whereas Boomers are often health-conscious as they begin to embrace the next stage of their life-journey.

Here are some interesting facts about both groups that can help you best serve them on their next visit:

Boomers (born between 1946 - 1962)

  • Only about one in four Baby Boomers fit the profile of “empty nesters,” married with adult children who have left home. Thirty-seven percent of Baby Boomers still have children under 18 in the home. One-third of Baby Boomers are single, and just over half (51%) are women.
  • Baby Boomers are more interested in experiences than possessions. Think about what they can “do” with a product rather than the product itself.
  • Baby Boomers are adventurous and have a strong desire to see places and species that are vanishing and experience them before the opportunity is lost.

Zoomers (born between 1995 - 2012)

  • Gen Z is the first generation born entirely in the digital age, not knowing the world of Dial-up and Nokia phones.
  • Gen Z digital natives are drawn toward working in the tech industry: 51% of those surveyed rate technology as a top industry in which to work. At the same time, they also are drawn to work that supports the greater good, such as education (41%) and healthcare (37%).
  • Gen Z is quickly becoming the most educated and debt-laden generation in history. So organizations that focus on investment in learning and skill/capability development become more attractive to this education-oriented cohort.

As ice cream and frozen dessert makers, you might be creating your best flavors from locally sourced ingredients or those that can only be purchased on a seasonal basis respecting the natural earth cycle. Descriptors on your special flavors, such as “Local,” “Plant-Based” (or Lactose-free), and “Sustainable,” generate positive responses in these two demographics, which you should consider mentioning on your menu or website.

Promotional Idea: Boomer + Zoomer Special

With Mami’s Gelato vegan frozen dessert mixes, you could bring two generations to the counter by offering a Boomer + Zoomer Special that is sure to excite the family. You may see grandparents with their grandchildren take advantage of this special as they create moments they can cherish later on.

SEE?! They aren’t so different after all!

For more ideas on meeting the needs of your customers, see our blog: “Accessibility Helps Everyone.” Our mission for serving the food service industry is to help you scale your frozen dessert operations so that you can serve some of the best vegan gelato your community has to offer. Our commitment to you is that our mixes will always taste good, no matter who is trying them, vegan or otherwise - Boomer and Zoomer alike.

With all our love and well wishes,

The Mami’s Team

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