Who eats this stuff?

Who eats this stuff?

Posted by Phanor Komoda on Apr 7th 2020

Lactose-intolerance, veganism, plant-based eaters - it can be very confusing!

No matter what you read or hear about vegan, plant-based, or other populations, they are a growing group of people both locally and globally doing their best to navigate through a world which they feel needs to do better, collectively and for the greater good.

Here’s a quick primer on the types of customers who may be asking for Froconut®, Almondice™ or other non-dairy options.

Basically, there are FOUR categories of consumers who choose non-dairy options:

Lactose intolerants/sensitives, Vegans, Plant-based folks, and those who just want dairy-free because they like the taste.

Lactose intolerance/sensitivity or dairy allergy/sensitivity

This group is by-far the most representative. Folks who are lactose intolerant, sensitive or allergic to dairy make up as much as 27% of the population. Some of these customers don’t even know it, and just assume that having digestive issues after eating ice cream is normal. But, those who do know it will be happy to have a non-dairy choice.


Veganism is all about the elimination of animal cruelty and even beyond that the use of any animal products at all for human consumption. Vegans would just as soon consume human products than animal products. In other words, they wouldn’t! So, they don’t wear animal-sourced clothing such as leather or silk, nor do they consume anything that has animal products or has been tested on animals or sentient beings. Vegans are not usually or necessarily health-conscious. They won’t care that your vegan option has sugar or fat in it. The folks that care about health tend to be called:

Plant-based eaters

A person who chooses plant-based diets tends to do so for health reasons. Unlike vegans, they will wear leather and use products tested on animals because their concern is less about animal welfare and more about health. People who are concerned about the environment and climate change may also choose a plant-based diet. As for how this affects your options, these folks might balk at the fact that your dairy-free option has sugar in it.

Regular folks looking for different taste options

A lot of people just want something different sometimes. Maybe it’s hot and they don’t feel like having a heavy fat-filled dairy treat. Or maybe they really like coconut or almond. Or maybe they’re just curious. There’s an “ice cream” shop on the road to Hana in Maui. If anyone has ever been on that road, you’ll know it’s a remote and windy road that can take hours to traverse. And, yet, about one hour from anything resembling civilization is a small little hut that sells a coconut-based frozen dessert, and everyone stops there to eat it. Their customers are not (just) vegans or lactose intolerant folks - EVERYONE loves this place. It was even rated one of the top ice cream shops in the world by Conde Naste Traveler

Mami’s Gelato hopes to be a catalyst that helps bring the future to our doorstep sooner rather than later, by bringing these marginalized but growing groups out from the fringes and into a happy atmosphere - YOUR SCOOP SHOP!

Remember to reach out to your #dairyfree , #plantbased , and #vegan community members by placing these hashtags on your social media, among other ones, to let them know you are here to serve them.

With a lot of love and well wishes,

The Mami’s Team

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